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Yoga and Meditation Retreat November (19), 8th - 10th
Lendrick Lodge
This weekend retreat will focus on finding space and cultivating compassion. You will have the opportunity for yoga, relaxation, time away from routine, mindfulness, optional running, healthy eating and being in the surroundings of the beautiful retreat centre of Lendrick lodge. 
This retreat is being led by Tina and Mark Russell
Mark specialises in yoga for runners and is trained in Thai Yoga massage, find out more about Mark at Kridakayoga.com
Please email for further information either myself or Mark Russell (markallanrussell@gmail.com)

Saturday 21st Spetember, Carmondean Community Centre
Come and join us for a day of Hatha and Zen Yoga led by Tina and Pete Lugg (Zen Yoga teacher)
The day will be a day of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breahting practice & yoga nidra, a wonderful way to start the weekend. Our focus is exploring the 2 wings of a bird: genuine acceptance and seeing clearly. 
Waged £30, Unwaged £20

Drop in Yoga every Monday and Tuesday evening at Carmondean Community Centre, Netherdechmont. 630 - 745, £6

Compassion 8 week program being offered in 2019, dates to be confirmed

Holy Isle 5 day retreat - "Cultivateing Calm in the Body and Mind"
During this retreat we will be exploring Hatha Yoga and a variety of meditation practices to help cultivate calm and clarity in the body and mind, developing acceptance of how we expereince the practice in the present moment, overcoming any resistance we may encounter in order to create physical end emotional balance. 

This retreat is suitable for people of all stages of practice from beginners to more experienced practitioners and a fabulous opportunity to experience both the development of our personal practice and to spend time in such a space. 
Tuesday 28th April - Sunday 3rd May 2020
Course fee £200 & accomodation
Course led by Tina Gilbert and Dave Oldham

Dave MA, has developed his meditation practice over many years, learning from some wonderful teachers, has been attending Samye Ling for many years and began teaching meditation about 15years ago. He studied many approaches to mindfulness and compassion with some leading organisations, before developing his own mindful compassion approach, facilitating courses, workshops and retreats all over the UK. He is an experienced and qualified counsellor working in a variety of settings and in private practice for the past 20 years. 
Please contact Tina for further details

"Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, yoga shows you the way." 

Swami Vishnu-Devananda

"An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory."
Swami Sivananda

"When the mind becomes tranquil it automatically becomes clear; like still water"
Rob Nairn